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Core Drier merk Emerson

Core Drier merk Emerson


Deskripsi :
Filter drier cores remove moisture, acids, and debris from the system. Choosing the right filter drier core is essential to providing feliable, long-lasting system protection.
Emerson has the broadest range of desiccant blends in the industry. Products range from 100% activated alumina (high acid) to 100% molecular sieve (high moisture). There is an Emerson core for every application, and all cores are completely interchangeable with other cores and shells.
Emerson universal replacement cores and filter cores are used in our ADKS and STAS shells and similar competitive take-apart type filter drier shells.

Kompresor AC Kulthorn AE 1413Y Kompresor AC Kulthorn AE 1413Y

Kompresor AC Kulthorn AE 1413Y

Electrical : 220-240 Volt 50 Hz 1 Phase

Nominal Performance

Cooling Capacity 325 / -Watts
  1,109 / - BTU/Hr
  279 / - Kcal/Hr
Power Input 250 / - Watts
Lock Rotor Amps 13.00 / - Amps
Max Continuous Current - / - Amps
Rated Load Amps 1.70 / - Amps
COP 1.30 / - Watts / Watts

Testing Conditions

Condensing Temperature 54.40   °C 129.9   °F
Evaporating Temperature -23.30 / -   °C -9.9 / -   °F
Liquid Temperature 32.20   °C 90.0   °F
Return Gas Temperature 32.20   °C 90.0   °F
Ambient Temperature 32.20   °C 90.0   °F


Evaporating Range LBP A/C : -40.00 °C to -12.20 °C
    (-40.0 °F to 10.0 °F)
    Heat Pump : - °C to - °C




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